GuangDong Grasse Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.


GuangDong Grasse Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a normative professional manufacturer for Scent machines and Scent oils with good reputation,
it including the Research & Development, Production, Processing, Cooperation, Sales, Maintenance.
We have comfortable, elegant, standardized, humane production workshop; Strict standards of product testing processes; Professional technical personnel and Harmonious labor relations between enterprises and employees.
Since established, Grassearoma focused on product design and development !Its unique designs and credible product quality won the high praise from dealers and consumers. 
With many advantages,we can satisfy different consumers in the aesthetic needs & in the personality needs & in psychological needs and in practical needs .


For machines ;
(1) The products in the design and manufacturing processes to use a wide range of pigment composition;
(2) The reasonable combination in different coverage ;
(3) The precision of deployment in true flavor of essential oil;
(4) The Humanized embodiment in motivating the olfactory pleasure

For fragrance oils,
(1) Our R & D team carefully deployed different fragrance oils by customer needs ; tailor made a unique flavor modulation personality with Pristine natural aromatic oils imported from French.
Besides the business,
Grassearoma adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific rigor, to participate in" management philosophy;
Adhere to the "rather lost daughter, losing a letter," the corporate philosophy.
"Grasse" Technology will continue to evolve and grow.

Rising Grasse will be humane, beautiful, comfortable !
Grasse is the first choice of your fragrance smell!
We will be happy to serve you, your satisfaction is the best motivation for our actions!
Our “state of the art’’ Scent Diffusion Systems are highly effective in scenting both private and public areas.

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